We’re a band of five.

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Change the Formula was formulated somewhat surreptitiously during a tedious physics class. It was sometime in March (and the year was 2015) and it was hot, and two of us in class wrote working title names for bands in the backs of their physics notebooks and by the time class had ended, they were dead sure that a real band had to go with the name.

So they chose one name out of the list and recruited some other members, and after the summer we made a website and also made our first song official by singing it a lot. And then over the next few months we became a regular sort of band, except that we had to go on being mostly surreptitious because where we come from rock bands weren’t all that okay. During the course of the band from that summer to the first months of the next year we never made any of our own music, but we did some other things and for a while we thought we could go on doing this when we were older. But then other things happened like exams and growing up, and by the February of 2016 we were in different places so we stopped being a proper band.

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